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Magnesium L-Threonate

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It has been reported that nearly 70% of Americans have magnesium deficit, reaching an epidemic level. One viable solution to this health problem is through magnesium supplements. However, although there are already many variety of magnesium supplements available, few have good bioavailability or have received rigorous scientific testing. More importantly, none of the existing products has been shown to be able to efficiently deliver magnesium to the brain, a key requirement for supporting brain health.  

Magtein has a number of desirable properties that make it superior over existing magnesium supplement products. Not only does it have the highest bioavailability but also delivers magnesium that is better retained in the body than other magnesium compounds. Most importantly, Magtein is the only compound capable of efficiently elevating brain magnesium. Our preclinical studies show that Magtein is effective in enhancing the memory of both young and aging animals. Results of these studies have been published in top neuroscience journals and cited by major news media. Human clinical trials are underway to demonstrate Magtein’s benefits.

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